Building Process

Choosing a Little House: Building Options

Our company can build little houses on wheels under the ansi code. This means your tiny home will be built on-trailer and have a VIN number applied to it. Looking for more options? We also build modular, custom-built and manufactured tiny homes on a foundation.

Searching for a DIY tiny house option? We also sell tiny house kits so you can build your own little house.

Pick a Tiny Home Plan or Blueprint

What does tiny living mean to you? Our little houses start are 400 square feet and include 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living area and porch. Depending on the building option, we will work with you as you choose and/or design a tiny home plan. Already have a little house plan or blueprint? Great! You can bring the plans with you to the initial meeting or share them with us, via email.

Purchasing Options

Our most popular purchasing option is the "Land & Little House Financing Package" which would also include the renewable energy applications installed on or in the home as part of your mortgage. Please let us know if this is the route you'd like to take or what questions you have about financing a tiny house.

Not interested in financing a little house? We also accept cash payment. Just let us know the budget you'd like to stay within before getting started.

Closing on your Little House

Building time will vary based on the following: type of building materials chosen, design & changes to the home layout and the financing approval process. After you've chosen your little house layout and approved the design finishes, we will establish a tentative timeline. Closer to your closing, you will lock-in your mortgage rate and financing package. A closing date (and if applicable, delivery date) will be set after the final walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How tiny are your little houses? Our little house starts at 400 square feet.
  2. If I already my own land or property, can I build a tiny house on it? Yes, we serve land and property owners who are interested in building on their own property.
  3. What states do you build little homes? Our company serves residents in all 50 states of the US, plus Canada.