Our Little House Designs

We build "solid log construction" tiny homes, steel frame tiny houses, timber frame tiny homes and sip panel little houses. Our designs can incorporate wood, steel or both–depending on your lifestyle, needs or personal aesthetics. 

We encourage you to browse our design galleries for tiny house inspiration. From the layout of your little house to the interior finishes that make it home, we will help you plan, customize and build your new home today.

Click to View a sample floorplan & layout.

Need more tiny houses inspiration?

We take the beautiful, design concepts from BIG homes and buildings and integrate them into our little houses. Using the same materials, your little house will offer the same durability and sustainability of bigger, like-structures. View some examples of large scale construction using the same products below.

For more information about our building materials, construction types and renewable energy installation, visit Products. For FAQs and learn how to get started, Visit our building process page.